How To Make a Fabric Wreath

I’m a very odd mix of crafty and un-crafty genes. My dad is an amazing artist and I inherited some of that from him. My mom is very not crafty and I inherited a little of that from her too. The result is that I love art, am decent at doodling, good at photography, a scrapbooking fool, but can’t sew to save my life! I always admire girls who are totally talented and come up with amazing crafts all on their own! My fellow Coastie wife Brittany is one of these girls and when I saw her beyond adorable fabric wreaths I just had to know how to make one! I haven’t gotten the chance to make one for myself but I thought you might like the chance to try and Brittany was so sweet to send me the instructions and give me permission to share them and her pictures with you. I love the idea of using one of your hubbies old, ratty BDU/ODUs to make a completely personalized military wreath!!! According to Brittany these are very easy to make but take about 5 hours to complete.

Items Needed:

1) 3 yards of fabric (doesn’t have to be anything fancy- keep in mind that you wont see the pattern much once you cut it up, so mostly focus on the colors) or one old ODU/BDU

2) Scissors or Rotary cutter.

3) a 12” wire wreath frame (they sell them at Michael’s, you can use different sizes but 3 yards of fabric is perfect for this size)

4) Wire or string and/or hot glue gun to attack ribbons and decorations

5) a yard stick (preferably, it will just work easier for you to keep straight lines when you are cutting) , or a ruler will do.

***The following are the exact items Brittany uses in case you want to get serious about making these:

~ OLFA 45mm Rotary Cutter – has a tungsten steel blade which can be re-sharpened or replaced easily. (Hancock Fabrics, Michaels, JoAnne Fabrics)

~ OLFA Rotary Mat – 18×24 is a great universal size for various crafts. It works well especially with this project. (To be used w/ rotary cutter so you do not penetrate your workspace surface.)

~Omnigrid Quilting Ruler – 6×24 is a perfect size for this project.

~Premium Titanium Coated Fabric Scissors – Any brand will do. (Just a little Tip: MIL taught me to always keep craft scissors separated. Scissors used for quilting or fabric projects should not be used with scrapbooking or paper projects b/c paper is made of wood and will dull your scissors, making it difficult to cut fabric.)

~ I prefer clear glue sticks rather than the ‘cloudy/white’ ones. So you will not see the dried glue on your finished project.

*All materials listed above are available in various sizes to fit your needs and/or craft space. They can be purchased at Hancock Fabrics, Michaels, JoAnne Fabrics, or many other craft suppliers.


1) Cut fabric into 1” x 6” strips. Easiest way to do this is unfold your yard of fabric (so its still doubled up) and cut a HUGE 6” strip, then cut that 6” piece into a bunch of 1×6” strips.

2) when you have piles of your strips, I like to separate 6 even piles (if I’m using several different fabrics), one pile for each section of the wire frame, just so that i can keep track that I am not using too much of one fabric and then run out at the end..

3) Then just literally tie each strip onto the wire frame, one by one, on each wire, all the way around. Do one complete section at a time, then move onto the next ‘section’.
4) Attach your ribbon, twine, or decorations

5) You can either tie a piece of string, ribbon, or strip of fabric to hang, OR you could just hang it by one of the outer wires of the frame (that’s what I do and it works perfectly)

There you go! In case you are totally not crafty or just don’t have the time to make one of these great wreaths yourself, Brittany makes wreaths and all sorts of other amazing, crafty items in her Etsy Shop Coast 2 Coast Crafts

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