A Path Less Traveled
You know those books that you get really sucked into and so you stay up way, way, WAY too late reading them??? Yepp, this was one of those books! In fact I stayed up much too late two nights in a row and finished it in just a couple of days, haha. Cathy does a wonderful job of really drawing you into the story and making you get engaged in the characters. I wanted to shake Trish a couple of times in the book and tell her to stop being dumb! I think the fact I was getting mad at her shows that I was pretty invested in the story! I really enjoyed Cathy’s writing and felt that I was able to understand the entire story line even though it’s the second book in the series-it definitely worked well as a “stand alone” book. I would really like to read the rest of the series now! I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes Christian Romance Novels--it is definitely worth (staying up late) reading!