Two Lovely Readers

So it might be silly but I always just LOVE it when one of my friends (real or online) wins one of my giveaways. As I try to show through posting these shots–I’m always totally honest and who wins is who wins–I never rig giveaways. However it just tickles me pink when one of my faithful readers gets the goodies! From Tracie is a total sweetheart (with an awesome blog to boot) and she won the giveaway for the business cards and itsme is one of my most faithful giveaway entering readers. (Those daily tweets pay off for her–I think this is the third giveaway she’s won over the past couple of months!)

Anyways–just wanted to give them a shout out and a special congrats!

Angel Baby Giveaway Winner itsme business card winner From Tracie

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  1. From Tracie

    You make me smile!!


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