Funny World of Warcraft

aka Shameless Procrastination….

Sooo…at this very moment I have 3 hours of work I need to do before the end of today, about 14 reviews waiting to be written, a house that needs cleaned…but instead of that I bring you this blog post! 😉 Because sometimes we all need a healthy does of procrastination!

Do I have any closet nerds out there? I played WoW waaaaay back in the day when the highest level you could reach was 70 (seems ages ago) I got all the way up in the high 50s but then stopped. Hubby’s played on and off and on again since we got married and has three level 85s (though he just cancelled his account…again…haha) One of my besties got engaged on the game (for real) and her and her hubby have spent lots of time on it so I know she’ll appreciate this if she hasn’t already seen it. I think the fact me and the hubby found it *SO* hysterical just shows how inner-nerdy we really are!

The Red Shirt Guy:

The Original Video:

Red Shirt Guy’s Autotune (hubby loves it so much that he actually downloaded this from iTunes, haha)

Awesomness of Blizzard:

Blizzard has responded to the incident by not only fixing the addressed issue, but also by adding a non-player character named “Wildhammer Fact Checker” who happens to be wearing a familiar red tunic:

and THIS is my favorite and what me and hubby have been dying laughing over–but I had to share all the above info or it wouldn’t have made any sense/been funny. 🙂 It’s just awesome sauce! Hubby loves it so much he just downloaded the song from iTunes, bahaha.

All info found on Know Your Meme–I don’t endorse anything else on the site, just loved this thread 🙂


  1. Heather

    OH. MY. HECK! I can’t stop laughing!!! And I hadn’t seen this before lol!! he’s what we call a closet nerd…he lives in his mom’s basement closet and thinks he’s good at video games, but he’s really just fat and entertaining to the rest of the world hahaha!!

  2. From Tracie

    I seriously did not imagine you as a secret WoW player. It is kind of blowing my mind right now.

    But. That is okay, because I am deeply in love with my husband who is a WoW player. He has four level 85s. One is a Shammy. One is a Pally. One is a Hunter. I’m not sure what the other one is…in fact, I don’t really know what any of that means….but I know that there is four of them and they are 85. And something about a guild. And he goes on instances.

    Also, he has showed me these videos, which I greatly enjoyed despite my lack of WoW knowledge. hehe

  3. Heather

    Here’s some shared humor…this is my favorite WoW video lol.

  4. Erin33

    Oh goodness. WOW strikes again. My husband was obsessed, my brother still is. My brother in law and his sister have their own guild. Like I said. Obsessed. Joining one wasn’t enough they had to have their own LOL
    My hubby plays whenever they get an expansion pack, he gets to the highest age possible and then gets bored. He’s at the bored stage right now which means I’m sure they’ll come out with another expansion sometime soon 🙂
    My fav part of watching him play at times is his mounts and pets. I think those are cool. Other than that, I have no clue. LOL I did however share this blog with the hubbs so he could get an understanding kick out of it, cause we sure nough know I don’t get it LOL

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