I always *love* when I get food review offers–do I want some tasty pretzels to review, umm Yes! I have always loved stopping and getting yummy twisted pretzels at the mall, one of my favorites! I don’t, however, like the yucky stale twisted pretzels from little league sporting events, blah. So I was sincerely hoping that Kim & Scott’s pretzels would be like the former instead of the latter. Happily, they are! I *especially* loved their Sweet and Savory pretzels! The apple cinnamon ones were so very yummy! Their Pizza Pretzel makes a perfect fast and easy lunch on the days I’m super crazy busy. In fact I haven’t tried a flavor yet that I haven’t liked. I also love that they shipped them directly to me, nothing better than yummy treats delivered to your doorstep! I’d recommend them to any pretzel lover!
To find out more about these all-natural, hand made pretzels and order them be sure to visit Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzel Website, “Like” Them on Facebook, and Follow them on Twitter!