Day 18 – A picture of your biggest insecurity
I’d like to think that I’m a pretty secure person. I like myself and am comfortable in my own skin. That being said I am a girl and I think every girl struggles with insecurity about how she looks. When I was younger my insecurities were my big nose and my small chest, post kids my insecurities are my baby belly and love handles. (As seen in the picture above Blah!!!! I need to mention that this pic was taken last October and I’ve lost a *bunch* of weight since then…so it’s still there but not nearly so bad anymore! We’re getting there). Especially around really gorgeous, skinny girls I start to feel insecure about how I look. But, like I mentioned before, I think *every* girl experiences that at some point in her life. Gotta do what you can to change things you can control like your weight and what you can’t (big nose/small breasts) you just need to thank God for how He created you!