The entire time I was growing up I was extremely blessed to live just a few minutes away from my Grandma and Grandpa Romero. Every week we’d go over to visit. His house was the only place in my entire life that I would just walk into without knocking-I considered it a second home. I often spent the night over at their house when I was little. Every Thanksgiving, every Christmas Eve, and every Christmas was spent over at their house–filled with crazy, insane noisyness, laughter, huge feasts, and general joy.

Of all my wonderful memories of my Grandpa the ones that stand out the most and are most precious are those of when we’d go up to Hunting camp every year. It was the one time of year where we got him all to ourselves. It was just him, my family, and sometimes my cousin Chris. I remember when I’d get to sleep over in his trailer I’d fall asleep to him praying to the light of a candle. I always thought he prayed for a *really* long time as a little kid…now I know how special it is that he did. His salvation testimony was one of the most amazing ones I’ve ever heard. An alcoholic he was saved and healed when I was about a year old. God miraculously transformed his life and I only remember him as the wonderful, fun, funny Christian man I knew him to be all my life. What a blessing and miracle that that is how he will be remembered by everyone. Although it breaks my heart to lose him now I am thankful for every single year he was a part of my life, and so thankful that he got to spend a little time getting to know Amber, though I cry and cry when I think of the fact he never met Tyler.

┬áHe had so many fun stories, was so easy and fun to talk to, and always made me laugh–even if it was just his constant bickering and bantering with my Grandma. He loved to get a rise out of her. He made delicious jerky and used to give candy out to all the kids as they got out of Jr. church when I was itty bitty. He would always sit around in a wife beater and suspenders. Friends and boyfriends knew they were finally a part of the family when Grandpa didn’t feel the need to “get dressed” and “put a shirt on” when he found out they were coming to visit.

I’ve never liked my big “Romero” nose up until this point–it’s not exactly a feminine feature to have. Now I’m proud of it though…I got it from my Grandpa, who gave it to my Dad, who gave it to me. It’s a little piece of him that I will always have with me. I am 1/8 Spanish and 1/8 Irish from him. I’m outgoing like he was and I love telling stories. There are many pieces of him that will always be a part of me.

He is my first grandparent that I knew that I am losing. I’m having an extremely hard time with all of this–especially the fact that I am having to miss the funeral today. What a comfort it is to me, however, to know that I will get to see him again some day. And you can bet I will be giving him a great, big huge hug as soon as I do.