It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for!!!!

Or…rather…the moment I, and a few select others….or then again maybe just me…has been waiting for.

I’m now officially a DOT COM!!!!

Gasps–it’s true–just look up at that address bar and you’ll see that I’m now officially !

When I first started this blog I took all of about 2 seconds throwing a name together. I figured the only people who would ever read it would be my mom and my best friend, so wasn’t too worried about how I set up anything. Nearly 3 years and 700+ readers later things have changed a bit. I wanted a name, and a design, that I felt were much more “me”. While I’ve enjoyed “Rambling” at you it’s time to move on to bigger and better things! In the next few days the blog will be receiving a complete and total makeover so please “pardon my dust” as I fix it up beautimously and work out all the little glitches along the way!

(Because I just *know* that you’re all as excited about this-now that you know-as I am here is a little sneak peak at what’s in store!!!)

Though part of me is going to miss Ramblings By Nicole I can promise you that Wyoming Girl *turned* Coastie Wife is going to bring lots more great snippets of life, reviews, giveaways, and fabulous guest posts!