I have two beautiful children, Amber who is 3 and Tyler who just turned 1. Though Tyler’s sense of style is, of course, absolutely fabulous 😉 I’m afraid I must admit that he doesn’t have much of a say over what he wears at this point. Although I do tend to use the zip up jammies because he’s so wiggly it’s hard to get him to stay still long enough to do the button ones!
My little Amber, however, is an entirely different story. She’s been picking out her own clothes and showing her own unique style since shortly after she turned two.  When getting ready to go to the park for a play date she’d insist on wearing one of her fluffy tutus over her clothes. She truly is *my* daughter as she always picks out the one that actually matches what she’s wearing. I have a horrible hatred of anything that doesn’t match…the point of being too matchy-matchy and breaking all sorts of rules myself like how you’re never supposed to wear eye shadow that matches your clothing-who ever thought up that one anyways? But I digress…also just like me she flaunts her fluffy girly clothes—while digging in the dirt, climbing up the slides, and running all around. A perfect mix mash of girly girl and tomboy it shows in both her attitude and clothing!
Now that she’s older she likes to have more of a say in what she wears. She calls all dresses or skirts “pretty tutus” even though she still does like to flaunt the real thing more often than not. Now that we’re in the age of dress up and pretend I often find myself taking her out in a hodge podge of clothing. Yesterday we went down town with her in a tank top, mermaid dress up skirt, hot pink sandals, and little white rimmed sunglasses—which she proceeded to wear the entire time we were in the store. We got a lot of smiles and a lot of turned heads as she pranced proudly in her self picked outfit of choice.
I just smile back, however. Because I love the fact that my little girl is developing into her own little person, complete with her adorable and unique sense of style!

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