Pieces of Light (A Dinah Harris Mystery)
I stayed up waaaaay too late last night because I just *had* to finish Pieces of Light   I have been impressed with the series in the previous two books, and the third was no exception. Now that I have read the complete series I am absolutely an avid fan! This is hands down the best series I’ve been sent to review. I love how Julie delves into the true depths of sin and humanity–from murders, to drug abuse, to alcoholism, to cutting, to suicide, to child abuse–she covers it all. Nothing is sugar coated, nothing glossed over or ignored. But it never goes too far, never gets too depressing. She also equally shows God’s triumph over sin, the peace and joy that can come even after a life filled with sin and despair. I *love* the fact that the gospel is so clearly presented in each and every book-to the point some one could get saved just from reading them. That is such a rare thing even is Christian novels these days. These books are now some of my very favorite, period, and I will be buying them as gifts for others I know, as well as recommending them to everyone I know that enjoys reading!