When you get married at a very young age, you learn that in order to start your household you pretty much need to bed and borrow anything you can in order to avoid sitting and sleeping on the floor! As newlyweds we were showered with a hodge podge of hand me down furniture, which was wonderful and a blessing at the time! Now that we’ve been married for 6 years, however, and all the hand me downs are starting to fall apart. One thing I’ve never been overly fond of is our rock hard mattresses. We weren’t even given a bed frame/set so have made due with cheap metal ones. (((Just a quick tip if you ever are looking for platform bed or a new mattress I would highly suggest on reading reviews first on websites such as sleepingguide.org.))))

One of these day I would *love* to get a platform bed! Not only are they super pretty, ones like the picture I picked above are super practical too. When you live in an apartment you need to make every inch count, and choosing a bed that has storage built in is a great way to get the most bang for your buck!

If you’re going for something with a little more “Zen” feel to it, a Japanese style platform bed would be a great option for you. Many interior designers today are going towards spa like feels in the bedroom-after all your bedroom should be a place where you can retreat to relax and refresh! Picking a clean and simple lined bed with some great linens is a great way to transform your room into an oasis.

If my hubby had his say we wouldn’t get either of those styles, however. At 6’7′” he just wants a bed that he can fit into! When we do purchase a new bed set I’m sure we will go for a king size platform bed , that way we can *both* fit into the bed without being squooshed for a change!