I always cringe when it comes to writing reviews that are unfavorable. Though most of the time (as you can see) I receive products and books that I’m thrilled with, every once in awhile you end up with a product that just doesn’t work for you.  I’m afraid that The Faith of Leap ended up being such a book for me. Because I am dedicated with providing you all with my completely honest opinion, I am posting the following review.

When I received the book I thought that from the title, description, and cover art that I was about to read a book along the lines of Radical. A book that explored the need for the church to move out of their safety zone and into a passionate following of Christ.  And truly, I think that this indeed was the authors attempt. For me personally, however, it just fell flat though.

The book was a drastic contrast of one minute using pop culture references (Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Defiance) and then diving into deep theological type debates and using words like existentialism and eschatology. Add into this their own self coined phrases like “liminality” and “communitas” and you have a recipe for a headache and what I can only term as “brain whiplash”–the occurrence of being yanked back and forth between college text terminology and references to the movie you watched last night.

Another thing I disliked was the extensive use of quotes and lack of actual Bible verses. While quotes are great, in a book that is supposed to be focused on theology I was hoping for more depth and actual Bible use. The fact that they were focusing on a anthropologists views of an African tribe and how we should pattern the church after that, instead of perhaps using more extensively the dynamic of Jesus calling and taking the disciples away, was very odd to me.

Like I said–I feel that at the core the authors and I believe and think the same thing. The church does, indeed, need to be more serving, less self centered, more bonded towards our goal of Christ and less nitpicky about every little stupid thing. In my mind this book does nothing to help it get there.

All that said–I will mention that it has almost a 5 star rating on Amazon. It looks like people who enjoy reading complicated and deep books for pleasure, along with fans of the authors previous work, will enjoy this book. As I’ve mentioned before, just because I couldn’t get through something doesn’t mean that you might not love it! Since that is the case I’ve decided to proceed with the giveaway for this book.

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