Ok so if you’re a regular around here–(which I hope you all are, it’s no fun to just jabber on to myself 😉 ) you are probably tired of me gushing over jewelry. But honestly, how can I help myself!? It’s just one of the most fun things EVER! 😀

I’ve also mentioned before that I’m mostly an earring girl–I have 5 holes in my ears for them, for goodness sake! I really do love necklaces though as well, they’re probably my second love! I recently have fallen head over heels in love with Just Fashow–their earrings, necklaces, rings, and purses have done me in!

I seriously got all giddy when I was first looking around the website, and then I was agonizing because how on earth was I supposed to pick my favorites to review?! I finally settled on the 2 Piece Layered Necklace and the Doggy Tag necklace. Can I just say how much I just love-love-LOVE both of them??!! I was a little unsure about the Doggy Tag necklace as on the site it was hard to get a feeling for how large it was. I was super pleased with it, it’s the “perfect size” to be adorable and gorgeous without being huge and to blingy.  The 2 Piece Layered Necklace is now my very favorite way to really bring an outfit up to the next level. I will probably wear it on the date me and hubby go on after he returns from deployment–it adds an instant glam factor! Amber actually hijacked the smaller necklace for herself, but I just love the chain all by itself (as shown in the picture)

The pieces are super high quality and I think I will be able to wear them for years to come. I will definitely be picking out other items to add to my Christmas Wish List!

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