It’s no secret by now–I adore children’s books! I only brought a few with us from Boston, knowing that we could pick up some at a library….yeah…20 new books later…what can I say???

I was so excited to add Night to our little “library”. It’s perfect for Amber as she knows her numbers but is learning to recognize numbers above 10 now and she loves counting things and telling me how many there are. Each time we turn a page and I start to read she tells me, “No, *I* can count!” and then she does. I love the use of fonts too…how the words hoppity-hop look like their hopping and tall is truly tall! It’s a wonderful sweet story that’s a perfect “bedtime book”.  As an adult I loved all the quotes in the back of the book as well! That was a very unique and cool thing for a children’s book. I’d highly recommend this book for anyone! You can find it to purchase here.

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