As I’ve mentioned before I have a huge variety when it comes to music, my one true love, however, is country! In country I like everything from contemporary bluegrass, to people with true country roots and sounds, to–what hubby likes to call “yankee country” i.e. all my heartthrob contemporary boy country singers 😉

As well as being a country lover I’m also just a bit of a history buff, and as such find the Civil War era a fascinating and heart wrenching part of our countries history. This CD is fabulous because it takes Civil War era type songs and puts a new country and bluegrassy twist to them. I enjoyed this CD much more than I even thought I would and would definitely recommend it, especially if you enjoy rootsy/bluegrassy type country music.

If you would like to check this out for yourself you can find it to purchase on their website here as well as listen to samples of the music.