If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a million more times, reading to your children is SO important! Even as as super busy mom I always make time for bedtime (and naptime) stories for both my kiddos. It’s beloved part of our day! I always try to find books that are not only fun and cute but also teach them something, even in the board books. I really love the new Max Lucado board books of Hermie and Friends, Thank You, God, For Loving Me & Thank You, God, For Blessing Me . They are short, sweet, simple but packed with important lessons about God’s love and that we should be thankful for all He blesses us with. These books are designed for children 2-4 though I think that Tyler will probably sit through them in just a few months. Amber did enjoy them.

Her favorite book, however, is Hermie, a Common Caterpillar. Although this is an early reader book designed for 4-8 year olds Amber already loves it and sits through the whole thing. It’s my favorite too! My favorite part is when the caterpillars ask God “Why are we so common?” and God replies, “I love you just the way you are, but I’m not finished with you yet.” What a powerful lesson–not only for children but for us as adults! We should always remember that God loves us just the way we are, but we should be letting Him mold us so that we can become “beautiful butterflies” someday! All of these books are wonderful! Here is a fun video from Max talking about these books if you’d like to check it out:

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