I pretty much love all things ice creamy and sherbety. At parties I always by pass the cake and ask for an extra scoop of whatever icey product they have! 🙂 Talenti Sorbetto is a unique, healthy, and grown up twist to kids sherbet. You can tell that it’s made with *real* raspberries, not just raspberry flavoring! The texture is smooth with just a little bit of grit in the aftertaste (from those real raspberries) and the taste is both tangy and sweet. We had mixed reviews at our house, me and my mom both thought it was really tastey (we’re big raspberry fans) while my sister didn’t care as much for it–described it as “interesting”. Amber and Tyler both LOVED it, which was great since it is so much more healthy than ice cream–I know a great thing to get them as desserts from now on! 🙂 Talenti has a ton of different flavors so that everyone is bound to find one they like and I would love to try their Double Dark Chocolate Gelato next! You can check out the Talenti Website Here or find them in your local grocery store. The store around here that carries them is Albertsons, but they are even sold by Target!