Man Shoes is the story of Tom Watson’s challenging and inspirational life. Although it is an autobiography it is written in a style that is engaging and extremely easy to read. I found the things that happened in his life and the people that helped him through them to be incredible. I loved how he put a song for the beginning of each chapter-as a fellow country music lover I knew most of the songs he referred to and it was really neat to see how each one tied into that chapter. He gives many great points and tips, along with help and encouragement about the hard and sensitive topic of suicide-which I thought was wonderful. We need more books like this for all those reasons!

That being said I did have a few nit picky things about it that would keep me from giving it a “full five stars” Because of all that he did manage to go through I would have thought the book would have been more “God focused” yes I truly believe Tom is a Christian as he writes as one and his actions show that he is, and yes he does mention God, Jesus, and his faith throughout the book. Still many things left me feeling God was not the central focus of the writing. You might argue that because this is a story of Tom’s life that is why. I also was a little put off by the fact that he cusses once, mentions drinking several times, and the biggest part of their Christmas traditions was a big to-do about Santa instead of focusing on the Savior who came to sacrifice His life.

I know–I told you it was nit picky 😉 All of that is just my own personal tastes and of course if someone is writing of their lifestyle I wouldn’t expect it to line up exactly with my own.

All in all it is a powerful and inspirational book-and I appreciate that he is so completely honest that you can see exactly who he is-even more so with the nitpicky things I spoke of above 😉 I would recommend it! It made me smile and it made me cry-you cannot read it and not be moved!

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