It’s definitely the time of year to be turning your thoughts towards the holidays-or at least the preparations for them! Fall is the perfect time to get your holiday cards out of the way, photo shoot done, cards ordered, and if you begin addressing them a few at a time you’ll have one less huge hassle the beginning of December!

As Christmas comes closer you’ll begin to get cards from everyone else. I’ve heard several friends express that they don’t know what to do with all these photo holiday cards once they arrive, and then again once Christmas is over. I wanted to address this issue and hopefully give you a few good ideas!

As you’re putting up your holiday decorations choose a specific spot to leave bare. As Christmas cards flow in put them up proudly on display. Great ideas are a bare spot in your hall, around a door frame, or even just clear off the front of your fridge completely and make a Christmas Card gallery on it!

Once Christmas is over don’t just toss those pictures! I have a cheap magnetic photo album that I put all the school pictures, birth announcements, and photo cards that I get into. These pictures are some of the only ones I have of my cousins, my friends, and their families now that we’re all grown up and live far away-it’s also fun to have one picture from each year of them.

Not a photo album kind of person? If you have a crafty bent take the photo and re-use it–for the person who sent it! Chances are that the photo they used is one of their all time favorites, and since it’s on a card it’s printed on durable material. Google “photo craft ideas” and have at it! Just some of the top of my head are transferring it to a mirror, distressing it and putting it into a frame, making photo jewelry out of it, use it as the front of the thank you card you send to them for the Christmas present they sent.

With just a little ingenuity or time you can take all those photo Christmas cards and turn them into masterpieces to treasure!

Still looking for your holiday card this year? Be sure to check out Tiny Prints great Christmas Card Selection! You can use the handy filter to narrow your search down (I used “modern” to help me find the gorgeous card I included in the post!) This post is thanks to them, I am highly leaning towards this or one of their gorgeous black and white cards for it!