I have always felt that teaching children how to manage money is a very important part of parenting. I was the kind of child that when I was given a quarter to buy something in a quarter machine most of the time I would put in my pocket to stick it in my piggy bank at home. I love that Three Cups teaches wonderful principles through a compelling story. By instilling proper saving, giving, and spending techniques as children you’re ensuring that your child will someday know how to responsibly manage their money on their own. If you’re a Christian family you could easily tweek the giving cup to teach tithing. This book geared more towards elementary school aged children, so I will be saving it for Amber and will probably present it to her–along with 3 cups, on one of her upcoming birthdays, just like they do in the book. Another fun idea to use this book is as a New Year’s gift as the new year is always a good time for goals and changes. Great present for any child and a wonderful addition to everyone’s home library! I’d definitely recommend this book! If you’d like to check out the book for yourself you can see the flipbook of it here

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