One thing that I have always loved about Amber is her beautiful long silky hair. That is until recently when it got *so* long that brushing it daily became a constant whining/crying battle. Unless I brushed it twice a day and/or put it into braids it would become a snarled, nasty mess–resulting in epic amounts of tears and fits. Something had to give! I mourned the thought of the long beautiful hair going away-but thankfully a little program called Locks of Love gave me a great alternative to just hacking the hair. Knowing that Amber’s beautiful hair would go towards helping out another child made the thought of short, cute hair–(and no more tangles and daily battles) totally worth it! So taking a deep breath I brought her to the salon and—


The verdict? We both love it! Amber kept saying, “I just LOVE to get my hair cut” while we were at the salon and told me how much she loves her hair about 20 times a day for the first week. I’m thrilled at how stinking cute it turned out and love that it takes 2 seconds to do each day.

Knowing that her beautiful hair is on it’s way to making some other little kid’s life a little better is definitely the icing! Now we’re planning to grow it back out and do it all again!

What about you? Have you heard of Locks of Love before? Would you consider donating to them?