Fougeron Architecture contemporary dining room

When I was trying to decide what I wanted to be “when I grew up” one of the things that really interested me was interior decorating. My cousin actually went on to get her degree in Interior Design and is now working for a company using her talents, and I was able to talk to her a little about all that it involved. Although I love decorating when I found out that there was a lot of sewing and literal design work involved in a degree in that field (figuring out how to create a room so that the outlets fit in wasn’t too appealing to me) I decided that my talents lie elsewhere–at least as far as a career was concerned.

I still love to watch interior decorating shows–HGTV is my ***favorite*** channel of all time! I also enjoyed working alongside interor decorators and picking up tips when I worked at the furniture store. Some of my favorite blogs and magazine focus on interior decorating and home design. I’ve discovered that my tastes are very electic, I love modern design mostly but things like my very victorian dresser and more classic kinds of art appeal to me strongly as well. Some day when I’m rich *winks* I will be able to indulge this side of me.  For now I will continue to glory in the fact my apartment has granite countertops and silver fixtures and hang my pictures in off set groups of odd numbers.

Have you ever considered a career as an interior decorator? Do you enjoy design shows? Which ones?