Hubby is an office supply geek. Anytime we go shopping for office supplies in a store or browsing online on sites like his eyes light up like a little boy on Christmas Day. He just loved pencils, notebooks, organizers, and desks. I knew he would love it if I started reviewing office products and here is our first one! The Swingline SmartTouch Stapler was definitely a great way to start out. It has a 25 sheet capacity and is ergonomically designed to make it easier to staple more with less resistance than other staplers. I really love the feel of the smooth rubber grips and the way it fits in my hand makes it seem like it really would reduce things like carpal tunnel due to the ease of using it–and believe me–as someone with an Office Information Systems degree I’ve definitely done a fair bit of stapling things in my day! An extra bonus is that it looks uber cool as well. We did have a tiny bit of trouble getting the staples in at first and hubby had to fanagle it a bit before he figured out how to do it–but once they were in it has worked beautifully ever since. A very nice, high quality product and I would recommend it! The Swingline Premium Chisel Point Staples are very nice too–super heavy duty without looking like they’d tear the paper at all.