If you follow along with my book reviews it’s fairly obvious that I love to read historical novels. As I’ve mentioned before after a bit these can become to feel a little cookie cutter with little originality or variation in them. The Loom breaks the mold when it comes to historical novels and was the most original book I’ve read for a long, long time. A story of the slave girl Lydia it delved into the depths and darkness of life as a slave and the oppression that they faced. It also showed that slavery isn’t the only thing that holds souls captive, however, and that when it comes to true goodness the color you are on the outside has little to do with what is in the heart. Once again I stayed up past midnight because once you hit the last 5 chapters it’s just too exciting to put down! I would highly recommend this book–definitely adult in content for a few different reasons but a very real, vivid, and refreshingly unique take on this time period. There were elements of Christianity sprinkled throughout the book but it was not a huge part of the story or overwhelmingly there. For the kind of story and the feel of the book in general I felt it was a good fit.