As I’ve mentioned before I’m a pretty strict ruler when it comes to sweets in our house. I’m not a totally meanie though, and do let Amber & Tyler enjoy a “special treat” (as Amber calls them) from time to time. I like giving them treats even more, however, when I know that they are made from all natural ingredients and have vitamin C in them along with the sugary stuff! Surf Sweet are tasty treats of all your favorite kinds of candy–just better for you since they’re made with organic ingredients. The kids gobbled up the jelly beans and gummy bears like crazy–I stole the sour berry bears for myself and was very impressed–they were very tasty, it’s a good thing they came in such little packets! 😉 They’re also made in the USA which is a definite bonus as well! To find out more about these tasty treats visit the Surf Sweets Website or look for them in natural and specialty food retailers like Whole Foods.