Amber has always loved brushing her teeth. The problem is that when you’re 3 your attention span isn’t all that long, and after I do a good pass, and then she does a pass she’s ready to be done. This usually takes us about 30 seconds total–that makes sense because according to the Twoothtimer website:

Experts recommend brushing your teeth for two minutes. A recent study found young adults spent less than 35 seconds brushing their teeth.

The Twoothtimer is super easy & super cute! Shaped like a tooth you just give it a twist and brush until the tooth buzzes!

Amber loved it and thought that brushing to it was super fun. The buzzer made her laugh.

Aside from making brushing teeth fun for kids I’ve recently come up with another great idea for the Twoothtimer! As you know I’m on a slim & trim quest right now. Several of the girls in my Facebook accountability & encouragement group have been saying that they do squats while they brush their teeth to fit in a little extra training into their day–now 35 seconds worth of squats probably wouldn’t be too great but 2 minutes? Perfect! Not only am I brushing my teeth for the right amount of time it’s a super easy way to fit in some more exercise into my busy mom schedule!