Hubby is not very big into Valentine’s Day. Actually he’s not big into *any* holiday. He doesn’t like the pressure that they bring, and he can’t abide “made up” holidays-as he claims Valentine’s Day is. Now-I somewhat agree, however I love me some flowers, jewelry, and–of course–chocolate! So he does his best to meet me half way, most of the years.

This year he made me these ridiculously cute roses out of construction paper (yes I know he made them because I saw him working on them–when you’re married for nearly 7 years you basically lose the surprise/privacy factor most of the time).

Right when he had gotten home he saw me sorting through the mail and opening my box that had my Milk & Truffle GHIRARDELLI SQUARES® I teased him that my “secret boyfriend” had gotten me chocolates for Valentine’s Day (goodness I don’t care WHO sends me chocolate as long as they send it….in reality it was the sweeties over at SheSpeaks…bless their hearts)

So when hubby was finished putting my flowers together he comes out of the bedroom, grabs the chocolate bag off the table, and places it and the flowers onto our kitchen counter. With a dramatic flourish he tells me “Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!” then walks out of the room.

So there you go. Flowers and Chocolate on Valentine’s Day—can’t get much better than that!

BTW — because I know you’re wondering–YES the Ghiradelli Squares are completely decadent…NO I haven’t eaten the WHOLE bag….yet….well….I promise there’s a few left in there. The outside is sweet and the inside is silky smooth and altogether it is everything a trufflely chocolate should be. So if you weren’t lucky enough to get some today go treat yourself to a bag! They’re super affordable and everyone deserves some chocolate for Valentine’s Day 🙂