It’s that time of year! In addition to all the Valentine’s, Chocolates, cold bugs, and random snow flurries that fly around this month, February also means *taxes* to me! I actually get excited about doing taxes because even though it’s a huge pain it means getting a nice chunk of change back for us! This year I’m super excited because instead of paying off moving debt (like we’ve had to the past I don’t want to think how many years) we can actually buy some *fun* things! The first thing on our list is a new couch–our old one was passed through at least 3 other families before us and has been moved cross country multiple times–it’s falling to pieces and so uncomfortable!! This is the sofa we’ll be getting–it’s a reclining one and is sooooo comfy!

┬áDoing taxes should also bring your thoughts not only to the fun things you might buy, but also to things like identity theft protection. These days we do everything online–from browsing and buying furniture to filing our taxes. That’s a lot of sensitive information flying around! Sites like IdentityHawk can help show you where your weak spots are and provide you peace of mind so that you can file your taxes and buy your new goodies without having to worry!

Are your taxes done? Are you getting anything fun this year with them? Leave me some comment love and let me know!