When I first heard of Boogie Wipes I have to admit I was very skeptical. I mean–why would I pay extra money for a tissue when I have both them and wipes at home? Christmas before last when I purchased a book from one of my friends she included a few Boogie Wipe samples with it. After trying them I was immediately hooked! Tyler is notorious for getting gunk aaalll over his face–and after this past year of which included a hospital stay and a few ER visits it seems like him have yucky gunk and boogers all over his face is very common place! It actually got to the point that Amber tells me, “Momma Tyler has a boogie wipe on him” whenever he had a booger–that’s how much I use these things!! Haha! They are super soft, smell super great, and make getting hardened on crusties off a cinch!

When I got chosen to be a Saline Ambassador I was thrilled! I talked up Boogie Wipes to everyone anyways–now I got to continue to do so and give out free ones to boot!

I just had a super fun playdate where several of my mom friends came over and I gave them goodie bags with boogie wipes in them. I didn’t want all of you to be left out so I’m hosting a fun giveaway too! One lucky reader will win the full sized products shown in the picture!

Saline Soothers are the “all grown up” version of boogie wipes. If you’ve ever had a raw nose from wiping it so much there should be no question as to why you’d want to buy them!

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