So it seems that many of the great products from Mompact have to do with dealing with and helping to prevent messes….hmmm, yepp you can definitely tell that they were made by moms, for moms!

Tyler is my Messy Monster. He just absolutely LOVES to be messy and make messes (I’m told that this is a typical little boy thing). Most of the time I’m ok with this, I mean, it comes with the Mom territory. One thing that I’ve *always* hated cleaning up messes from, however, was his car seat! And I’ve definitely had to, he seems to have a great knack of totally pulverizing and disgustifying (if that wasn’t a word it now it because it only describes what he does) his car seat. I can’t tell how many times I’ve had to spend an hour pulling, unhooking, unlatching, etc etc etc the cover on his toddler car seat so I could wash it.

My problems are now solved thanks to the parent and pediatrician inventor–hurray! The SAFER Child Car Seat Cover makes washing his seat a matter of a few pulls on velcro and just 4 little snaps. I love the super soft microfiber cloth that it’s made out of as well! It even comes with it’s own special little bag to wash it in.

Another great use for this is that it makes any toddler car seat gender neutral. Although we bought a blue seat when Amber was born (we figured that a baby girl could pull off a blue seat but it might be harder for a future boy to sit in a pink flower one) the tan could take that butterfly seat and make it ok for your little boy!

And just so you know–this is not for infant seats, or booster seat, or seats with an adjustable headrest. It only works on seats like the one that Tyler is shown in. The material is super thin in the back (much thinner than the actual car seat cover) and sits very snuggly on the seat. Because of all the slots the belts come through and are not changed or blocked at all by it. I say this because I know some saftey minded mommy will be hollering about this not being safe. And while I agree that you should always have your child’s car seat snugly fastened and not allow them to wear a big puffy jacket, this is not a safety hazard. Make sure, as with anything car seat related, you follow the installation instructions very closely and use it only on the appropriate seats!

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