I mentioned in my Parking Pal post that once I became a mommy of two, I quickly realized that two hands just weren’t enough anymore! Everything from getting down the three flights of stairs in our apartment building (nope–no elevator) to grocery shopping (all our carts only allow one child in at a time) to walking across the parking lot (hmmm how do I hold Tyler, my purse, my keys, the diaper bag, AND Amber’s hand???) all become a huge ordeal.

I’m always a little amazed what I’ll put myself through to get out and about!

Before this I’ve always resorted to non-favorable solutions–namely–Amber hanging off of me by my purse, pocket, etc. This resulted in her yanking me and/or depantsing me (guess it’s a good way of knowing that I am losing weight…..)

Another smart Mommy came up with a great solution to this–and even made it in the form of a super cute lil monkey!

This is the Gripsterz and it’s a fun walking handle designed to keep kids safe and handy, all while keeping their parents sanity.

We put it to the ultimate test by a trip to Wal*Mart with just us three. For the trek down the stairs and across the parking lot I hooked it onto my belt loop. It was great to have Amber be a few paces behind me but her still feel like she “had” me. Once we got to Wal*Mart I latched it onto the shopping cart. One of the big problems I have with Amber is she loves to dance around and look at everything–which is a great quality unless she’s dancing in front of people trying to push their carts and grabbing everything off the shelves. The Gripsterz did a great job of giving her an incentive to stay close to the cart and off of the items. It has different lengths and configurations–and I will *definitely* be using it again!

Need an extra set of hands? I can’t give you any but you can go enter to win a Gripsterz, along with a bunch of other great by mom, for mom Mompact products in the Mompact Bundle Giveaway–it ends in just a few days–so hurry!