So the past few weeks have been full of sickness and ick in the Elliott household. We all got the flu which knocked me off of my feet, and then last week Tyler came down with hand, foot, and mouth disease (it’s as lovely as it sounds!)

So because of all of that my workout routine got chucked out the window for the past two weeks. Today was the first day I am finally feeling *almost* normal, so I jumped back in with Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred it’s amazing how taking two weeks off sets you back!!! I have been able to keep the weight down though, amazingly! I have been good with eating lately though, so I know that was what helped! I weighed in today at 134.2 — and was even with the Easter treats yesterday! 😉 So this week is all about getting back on track. I’m still keeping up my “Gem Jar” idea and this week’s goals are these:

  • Workout 3 Times (did one already this morning, woot)
  • NO food after 8 at night (help keep from noshing the rest of the Easter Candy all down)
  • Take a picture of *everything* before I eat it and upload it to my FB group (big motivation to NOT eat 20 Easter candies in one sitting)

Did Easter throw you off track? How are you doing in your weightloss and wellness goals? I’d love to hear!