As you should all be aware of by now I’m on a mission to get slim & trim. These week’s have been a little crazy for me as I’m getting ready for my parents to fly out–so I’m going to tell you about a great book in lieu of my normal post!

For me getting “slim & trim” is more than just about being skinny and attractive (although those are two things I’m super looking forward to) but also about taking charge of my health, energy, and life!

Unjunk Your Junk Food: Healthy Alternatives to Conventional Snacks¬†was a great book for me to read–I found it extremely interesting that the same ingredients that this book “blacklists” where nearly identical to the ones that were listed in my Fit Moms for Life book as well. That made me stop and think–hey maybe these guys are all onto something!!

Many of them came to me as no surprise–Aspartame has given me nasty headaches before when I tried to switch to some no calorie drinks a few years ago and I haven’t touched the horrid stuff ever since. I love that in the section of the book they don’t just go, “This is a NO NO list so don’t you eat these ingredients” they actually break it down into WHY an ingredient is a really bad choice. They explain it in simple and clear terms that make a whole lot of sense!

After reading the book I took to the cupboards to discover just how “nasty” the foods we eat are. I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised! It seems that without even really knowing why (before now) I gravitate to more wholesome and low ingredient foods. I’ve never gotten the kids “fancy” high sugar and dye packed to ying-yang breakfast cereal or desserts. Since I cook mostly from scratch (or partially scratch) the yuck is kept down-which is great.

There were still a few big surprises though–I had no idea that peanut butter was chock full of trans fat–sure enough when I went and checked it was, that changed my opinion of it’s “healthy” factor and this past shopping trip I picked up some of the Natural kind!

I will say this book sparked my mind and I was definitely reading ingredients during my last shopping trip more than I ever have before!

Most of the book takes a super popular “junk food” and gives you an equally tasty less “junky” version of it that you can purchase. Brands like Hidden Valley are swapped out for Simply Organic.

The *only* thing I wish is that in addition to all the brand names and info it would have been great to see some great home made junk food options–in fact reading the book mostly made me more determined that if we’re going to eat “junk” it will be cookies that I bake–that way I know and can control exactly what goes in them to an even greater extent!

I’d definitely recommend this book–it was a great and informational read! Be sure to hop on over to Amazon to see what other readers thought as well! Also you can “like” Naturally Savvy on Facebook and follow Natural Savvy on Twitter for more great tips, articles, and everything healthy living!

I received a free copy from Naturally Savvy for my honest review. The opinions, chocolate chip cookies consumed and sweet tooth cravings are my own.