If you look through just a few of my Facebook albums you will be able to tell that I think that messy play is extremely important for kids! It’s always nice to receive vindication, however, so I was pleased to read this from the Children’s Centres website:

Playing with toys alone can limit opportunities to develop imagination, creativity and critical thinking. Messy play is inexpensive and open ended. Children will discover enormous numbers of opportunities for learning and play, through timeless and accessible messy play activities. 

At our house we do all sorts of messy play activities–from structured time with homemade play dough and goop to digging around in dirt and sand outside. During my parents visit and our staycation last week we had several fun, messy times! One of these involved sunshine, a playground, and lots of Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles! My kids love *any* kind of Bubbles and these were no different. They especially loved that they were pretty colors and messy, haha. The gun didn’t work quite as well as I’d hoped–as you had to figure out the “just right” speed to get the bubbles to come out good, and once the kids tried to it pretty much just spit the color everywhere.

 It was still lots of messy fun though! The colors did come out of our clothes and rubbed right off our skin, just like the package promised. We’re all looking forward to using it again on future outdoor messy fun runs!

For more info on fun messy play visit the Crayola Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube Pages.

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