I’ve always loved the Olympics. In the winter I love ice skating, but my favorite has always been the summer Olympics. I just love the swimming, the running, and of course gymnastics! In fact as a teenager my “celebrity crushes” weren’t on pop singers and actors–instead pictures of Paul Hamm and Ian Thorpe hung up in my bedroom and I taped the Olympics so I was sure not to miss any of their events!

Even now that I’m (sort of…..hehe) past the celeb crush stage I still love watching the Olympics and cheering on team USA! The stories behind the games and the grand tradition are icing on the cake! Now that I’m a Mom I can imagine the stories from the sides of the mother’s behind the athletes….all the hours of sacrifice and hope for their children. Did that Olypmic swimmer love to splash around as a toddler? Did that gymnasts mom realize what her daughter would accomplish when she was twirling around in a leotard as a preschooler?

To me these stories are what make Pampers and the Olympics go hand and hand–and why I am so happy to see them connected. It makes me smile watching my little athlete (little guy literally runs *everywhere* I have yet to see the kid walk) with USA across his bum 😀 Like the normal Pampers these are the best diapers for my little wiggly runner–they hold up great, even overnight, and the beyond darling design is just an extra and super fun bonus!

Will you be watching the Olympics this year? Who will you be cheering on and what will you be watching?

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