For the past 7 years I’ve lived the military wife lifestyle and all that entails. Although there are so many wonderful things about life as a military spouse, there are certainly more than it’s fair share of drawbacks.

One that might not occur to someone who has never lived the mobile lifestyle is the fact that moving every few years (or nearly ever year in our case) mean that you can’t buy a home–and while renting also has it’s perks (Yey for just pushing some buttons when something breaks, especially when hubby is hundreds of miles away) you are always living in a space that is not your own and that you cannot truly customize. As I head into my “late 20s” part of my heart begins to ache for a little spot to call my own. One where I at least could have the option to by some gorgeous¬†rustic chandeliers if the fancy struck me…..the option to trade out the drab run of the mill apartment overhead lighting for contemporary pendant lighting. One where I can paint the walls and where Bob can have fix it problems and a yard to mow. One that I can have a garden to plant and the kids can have a dog to chase.

For now the renting game is my game and the mobile life is my own. So in the meantime I will be thankful for the places we visit, the country I get to see, the new friends a long the way, and the beautiful apartment that we currently live in…..

and I will continue to plan my dream home using Pinterest (I have an entire stash of Dream Home boards that I’m using for scheming) until the day it can become a reality!