Whenever I get a new cd I normally listen to it over, and over, and over again until I know it inside and out and can sing along to every song. Because of this habit anytime I listen to a certain CD it normally brings back memories of a certain time frame in my life. It’s fun blasting out to Rascal Flatts and remembering cruising around in my little junky Dodge Neon, or hearing When September Ends and flashing back to my newlywed days in Washington D.C.

The past few weeks the “soundtracks to my life” have been Sarah MacIntosh Current
 and Dave Barnes Stories To Tell (more on him later)

Sarah’s cd was just perfect for background music and cruising around in my SUV. She has a expected Christian female singer sound and her songs are what you’d expect for that kind of an album too. Sweet, mostly soft with some peppy. I found her voice a little breathy and some of the songs a bit too repetitious. There are gems on the album though–Laughter Comes Upon Us is a beautiful and powerful song. Here are a few of the amazing lyrics that I was so impressed with!

“He is closer to me this way, drawn by the tears in a pouring rain drawn, right here clutched in his embrace. Whispering breath against my ear, tucked up against his scarred ribcage, right here is where I want to stay.”


Definitely worth having I’d recommend this to any Christian Rock/Pop Music fans!

Be sure to check it out on Amazon to listen to samples of the songs for yourself and look at other reviews!

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