Me and my adorable 21 Month Old

This week I’m back on track after taking a few weeks off for my parents visit and the pre and post crazy that was my life because of it! This is also my very first week being part of the Mamavation Sistas and linking up with them–so if you’re hoping by *thank you and welcome*

I’ve been doing Not So Fat and Slim and Trim posts on my own since 2010. You can read about my weight gain and loss journey when I started and watch my first Slim & Trim Vlog of this year to get up to speed on me and my journey so far.

One thing that I realized that is awesome is that I was 20 lbs over my pre-baby weight when I started–which means that I was able to lose that weight–hurray!!!

The last 10 lbs has just STUCK on though. I keep bouncing up and down and up and down around 135. I’ll get down to 133 when I’m doing good and then slide back up to 138 when I’m not.

Which brings us to today when I weighed in at 138.2 after a few too many Pepsis and a bit too much cheesecake while my parents were here.

I’m still dedicated to getting down to my “skinny pretty” weight of 125 lbs though–and I know I could if I could just stick with it! My major pitfalls are loving to snack and night, especially the sweet stuff, and portion control.

This week I’ll be back on my regular workout plan (3 times a week) and really going to focus on not snacking at night (no food after 8 is my “rule” for myself this week) and keeping track of my food and being accountable through a picture food journal.

I’m really excited to have others to cheer me on and link up with! I look forward to getting to know you all and cheering for you in your health and wellness journeys as well!