The only thing that compares to getting a new CD from an old favorite (like I talked about in my Kutless post) is getting a new CD from a *new* favorite!

Many times when I received books and CDs to review it’s because the people putting them out are new and trying to get their name out. That’s great and I love discovering new talent-but sometimes it’s a little obvious that the artist hasn’t quite found their stride or rhythm *quite* yet. Since Adam Cappa has actually put out a few cds before this independently it seems he got all those growing pains well out of the way and is hitting the music scene full force with Rescue. With a great mentor like Jeremy Camp it’s no surprise that this album just rocks! I love the sweet and smooth sound that flows through the album and his vocals are top notch! Lyrics, especially in Christian music, are especially important to me. I don’t want ambiguous “touchy feeling warm n fuzzy” type lyrics–those are for the birds! This album fits into the “great lyrics” category. Songs like “Washed Over Me”are amazing:

I’ve been washed, I’ve been cleansed, I have been made free
I’ve been bought, by the blood, a King has bled for me
Sweetest Victory
Won at Calvary
Where your love, oh your love washed over me

Highly recommend this album and I’m looking forward to hearing more from Adam in the future! Be sure to hop over to Amazon to hear snippets of the rest of the music and read the other reviews–5 Stars so far!

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