If Only…..

It starts as a tiny little whisper
from a visit to a friend’s home, beautiful, lush yard, nice neighborhood….
If only….
it grows a little louder
flipping through the channels and landing on Real Housewives Fake Drama hiring out for maids, professional hair stylist, fancy clothes, blowing all their money without a thought or care…..
If only….
before long it’s a shout, drowning out all others, stirring up discontentment, jealousy, and discord in your mind
Social Media posts touting family time with husbands close and parents for babysitting, someone moving where they want to live, going on lavish vacations to exciting places, blinking advertisement for fancy shiny things–just out of reach, other girls getting more success, their beauty drowning out yours, making you feel small and invisible again….
If only….
Suddenly, something pulls it up short.
News that a childhood playmate just got divorced…again
News that a friend of a friend just lost their baby to the same thing that hospitalized yours just a year ago
 News that your friend is living in a motel–because that’s all she has right now
The voices silence.
Now you hear a new voice, the tender, yet stern voice of your Father King. As he peers into your face you hear, “My dear, foolish, selfish, spoiled rotten child–how could you? How could you possibly have all that you have and for one second think to be discontent? Are you not rich beyond all measure? What reason could you possibly have for acting the way you do, thinking the way you do, being the way you are?”
 Your head hangs, the tears come….
If only….


  1. Adelina Priddis

    Beautiful Nicole! It’s human nature to get caught up in the If Only’s of life – thank goodness for a loving Father in Heaven to help us see past those.

  2. Rebekah Clark

    this. is. beautiful.

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