Fine Jewelry is my *one* weakness….

So I’ve been soaking up LarkRise to Candleford from Netflix recently while Bob’s been away with the Coast Guard (whenever he’s gone I use the time to watch my BBC chick flicks!) One of my very favorite characters classic lines is to mention something–like long bubble baths, chocolates, or fancy clothes–and then says, “It’s my ONE weakness”.

I too, have many one weakness-es. One of these is definitely beautiful jewelry. Anytime we walk into a mall, or I’m browsing online, or I see a catalog, I automatically by pass the clothing, the shoes, the body products and gravitate towards all things sparkly and shining. From breathtaking drop diamond earrings to Gorgeous Mothers Ring Jewelery, I ooohh and ahhh over it all.

There is something in the delicate swoops and the how stunning the simplicity of fine jewelry that just thrills the beauty loving part of my soul.

After all, it is my one weakness.