Summer Camp {At Home} DailyBuzz Moms June 9×9:

Ideas have been compiling into ever growing long to-do lists

Pinterest Boards stuffed to the brim with great ideas to use…someday…

Outdoor adventures have been put off for months for”when it’s nice outside”

Finally the hustle and bustle of the school year slows and trickles into Summer.

A week opens when there is nothing extra….so of course Summer Camp At Home is planned and blossoms!

And what would a Summer Camp be without….


Silly Sock Puppets, perfect for giggles and Amber’s vivid story lines-fresh from a preschooler’s imagination.

Sensory Activities Oozy Gooey Goop

Just the thing for mixing, squishing, and yes–more giggling

Outdoor Games

Running, Hide and Seek, Red Light-Green Light, Swinging, Splashing, Sliding, and all things Adventure-ing



Seasons, Sounds, Flowers, Animals, How to Make Memories

The tip your head back and stare up-up-UP at the sunshine filtering through the green, green leaves kind of learning.

The best kind of learning.

All in all, a perfect week of Summer Camp….at home!

This challenge is in participation with DailyBuzz Moms–all giggles, ideas, and pictures are my own

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