9-11 Changed My Life

I suppose everyone who was alive then can say that in some way their lives have been shaped or touched by that tragic day. Some more than others. However it wasn’t until I was recently reading Decision Points by George W. Bush that how much 9-11 changed how I live my day to day life today really sunk in.

You see, before 9-11 the Coast Guard was part of the Department of Transportation. It was until 9-11 that a united Homeland Security was formed that it became a part of the Department of Defense. My husband’s current job falls under the Homeland Security sector of the Coast Guard-something that didn’t even exist before 9-11. My husband was deployed last year because of the long term impacts that 9-11 is still having on our country and it’s military. I found those thoughts extremely and deeply interesting to ponder on.

The rest of Decision Points  is equally thought provoking. I was always in those 30% ratings that approved George W. Bush throughout his entire career. This book just solidified my immense and deep respect for him as a person and a President.

At close to 500 pages long this is no light reading, especially considering it’s chock full of deep and political information that’s meaty to “chew through”. Former President George Bush candor, honesty, and humor will keep you turning the pages throughout it, however. I appreciated extra insight into exactly why he made the decisions he made-for example the reasoning behind the Wall Street bailouts that made even loyal voters like me get a little hot, and was surprised to find out about things like his Social Security reform program that didn’t gain enough backing to get passed.

I don’t often pick up political memoirs–but there is so much in here that is relevant to my life and lifetime that I’m so very glad I did this time!

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