It’s no small secret now that I’m crazy about children’s books! My very favorite books are ones that can be personalized. There is something so special about your child having a book that is all about THEM! We have several personalized storybooks for Amber, but hadn’t gotten any for Tyler up until now.

I love that even though he’s my *super* busy boy the one thing that Tyler will actually sit for is to listen to a story! (even if it is just for one minute….while he’s a “naked baby”…. haha)

The Little Super personalized story from Paper Hat Press was absolutely perfect for my little super hero! Unlike personalized storybooks that use pictures these books have artwork-but that doesn’t mean that they’re not totally personalized! You help write the storyline in a fun and easy process, and then you can even pick the super hero character that best represents your child. The storyline is as adorable as the artwork.

Tyler absolutely *loves* this book! It’s one of his first “big boy” books and I can tell it will be a favorite for years to come. Amber actually loves it just as much as he does-she gets a kick that her name gets to be in the story too!

Such a fun product and such high quality-I’d highly recommend this for a birthday, Christmas, or just an “I love you” present!