This past semester of MOPs we had a great speaker who came twice and gave us lots of great thoughts about guiding and directing our families and Godly Moms. One of the biggest things that she said that stuck with me the first time was the idea of writing out a Family Mission Statement. I loved the idea of having down exactly what your goal overall in life as a family would be. The second time she came she gave us the idea of on top of the overall statement coming up with a Summer Theme for 2012–one simple thought or concept you’d like to work on with your child/children over the Summer.

When I read Building Family Ties with Faith, Love, and Laughter (Faithful Families)I was happy to see that Dave recommends building a Family Mission Statement as well. In addition one of the biggest things I gained from reading this book was the encouragement that preschoolers can and should be memorizing the Bible. I decided to take all these ideas and roll them into one and put it on a new dry erase & cork board in our kitchen!

As you can see our Summer Theme for 2012 (for both kids but especially Amber) is to Listen (the FIRST time) and Obey (right away!!!)

I’m having her memorize Ephesians 6:1 so that she knows that it’s not just Mommy and Daddy who think that it’s important-God says so too!

Building Family Ties with Faith, Love, and Laughter is set up much like the first book in the series–Raising Your Kids to  Love the Lord with it’s easy to read layout and lots of fun pictures.

Once again many of the suggestions are common ones-but the ones in this book are especially near and dear to my heart as they include the importance of eating dinner as a family and how laughter is essential to every home. Dave also covers the importance of cultivating contentment and a servants hearts in children–whether this means going and helping on the mission field or volunteering in your local community.

Like the first book Building Family Ties with Faith, Love, and Laughter  will be a valuable refresher or a welcome eye-opener for any Christian parent! I enjoyed the new ideas as well as the reminder on the rest.

Don’t take my word for it: Be sure to go read more about this book on Amazon to read other reviews-so far it has close to 5 stars!

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