It’s one of those moments that gets seared into your brain for all time. While in elementary school I was standing in line (when do you ever not stand in line in elementary school???) and was talking to one of the girls in class. All of a sudden she yelled at me, “Pee YEW your breath stinks!!!”

Ah the cruel bluntness of children!!! I’ve been sure to make sure I’ve  “practiced safe breath” for all around me since that unfortunate day. Which is good because according to a recent survey:

The truth hurts, and most aren’t ready to tell it to you straight – especially when it comes to breath blunders. 85% of people think it would be harder to tell someone they have bad breath than tell them their zipper’s down.

 By the time you’re dating people clam up and are more likely to turn you down than to tell you the truth about your breath!

Fixing bad breath doesn’t *have* to be embarrassing–even if you make it that way like this crash dummy! Dentyne’s Split2Fit is super easy, super fresh, and I’m happily chomping on it right now!

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