With summer vacations and playdates in full swing you’re likely to have many more visitors needing to use your restroom-whether for a quick potty break or for their 2 week stay.

If your family is like mine your main access bathroom also doubles as your guest bathroom and then triples as the kids bathroom.  With these 5 easy tips you can find how to get the most bang for your bathroom buck!

1. Keep It Clean – Literally! The easiest way to keep your bathroom happy and guest friendly is to keep it sparkling! Now-before I get any protests–yes I totally hear you. I mean, I do have 2 kids and also work from home after all! You might remember my Spring Cleaning Tips but if in case you missed them my biggest secret for the keeping the bathrooms top notch is to use bathtime to your advantage! I always give the bathroom a good once over anytime the kids take a bath since I have to be in there anyways. For the tub I just spray it once they hop out. It makes my bathroom maintenance easy-peasy!
2. Ditch The Kids – -Decor that is! If you have your kids bathroom tucked away then by all means rubber ducky shower curtains are lots of fun. If your bathroom pulls triple duty like mine, however, I’m hear to tell you that it is definitely ok to have a “kid bathroom” with grownup decor-honestly they won’t notice the difference but your guests will! And yes-small reminders of kiddos are bound to stay (like the night light you see here!) That’s ok!

3. Hide the Rest Just because I’m advocating ditching the kid decor doesn’t mean I advocate getting rid of the bath toys! I’m all about having a fun, hands on, and educational home! An easy fix is to purchase a large plastic container (preferably one with toys!) and just stick it in the bathtub for storage in between bathtimes. Pull the curtain and Voila! A kid friendly bathroom that’s adult picture perfect.

4. Photographs Are Good! While many people shy away from photographs of people in the bathroom because they might seem a bit odd there is a way to pull it off! As you can see I have this gorgeous blow up picture of our daughter from her 2 year old photo shoot. It works because it’s more artsy than it is portrait and it really brings in the beach theme I wanted for our guest bathroom.

5.  Tap Your Inner Spa When I think of my dream bathroom Pinterest worthy images of deep soaking tubs with flower petals and luxurious thick towels come to mind. While you might never have that walk in shower with 5 heads and music you can still bring a little of this bliss to your home! Start with little touches that will leave a big impact and that have meaning to you.

In our bathroom I use a seashell that we found on the beach as a soap holder, a bamboo tray filled with all kinds of fun soaps and my favorite sea shells, and a vase filled with sand and a few small shells as a candle holder.

If you’re like me you likely have a ton of different fancy holders and baskets that you’ve accumulated from your body lotion Christmas gifts. These are perfect for dressing up your bathroom and really adding a wow factor. How easy is the top picture? I took a zip up holder I had left over from a gift, rolled up some washcloths, and bam–instant chic!

A wonderful option for a guest bathroom would be to use this trick side by side with Kleenex Hand Towels. These are especially great for guests (or kiddos with those grubby hands!) because they provide a clean, fresh, dry towel every time. Not only convenient it helps stop the spread of germs-always a plus! Join the 14 million people who have already joined the Clean Hands campaign by using Kleenex Hand Towels, and click here for savings and more!

What are your easy tricks for keeping your bathroom fabulous? I’m always looking for new ideas!

I was selected for participation in this campaign as a member of Clever Girls Collective.