In addition to organizing our closet these past weeks I also took the opportunity to go through and par down all of the kids baby and outgrown clothes. While many baby and kids clothes are adorable there are things that need to go into consideration before purchasing them.

I’m the first to love getting a great deal on clothing–especially when babies grow so quickly and change so fast. However, one thing I really noticed while I was sorting through the clothes was that I ended up giving away many of the cheaper clothing sets due to staining, fading, or holes. Now that Amber has been in the same size for almost a year I’ve learned to buy good quality pants because otherwise she puts holes in them the first week.

Who’s Little is a great place to find quality, adorable clothes for little girls. I love that part of their mission is to make clothes that “Rather than shrunken adult styles Who’s Little? focuses on frocks fit for those early, carefree days”. Oh–and they donate clothes to kids in need as well-win, win!!

With Amber being so big for a 4 year old (she’s been in 6x for over a year now) I really appreciate kids clothes that look like they belong on a kid! I don’t want my little girl dressing like a teenager and that seems so common these days and gets super frustrating.

We were sent the blue jumper that can also double as pants which is how we decided to use them. I love multi-use outfits! As you can see they are super darling and comfy too! They are a tiny bit snug-so I’d advise getting one size larger when you order–having a bit of growing room is never a bad thing.

Be sure to check out Who’s Little on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to stay in on all their great news and adorable clothes!

Are you willing to spend more for quality clothes for your kids? Why or why not?