The Lost Art of Writing

I was recently reading a magazine and it was talking about kids manners in our current era. At one point in the article is suggested that parents should just give up on getting kids to write thank you notes because it was becoming obsolete. I was frankly a little shocked! While we were required to send a note for every gift or every occasion I grew up knowing and respecting that thank you notes were the least I could do when someone went out of their way to give me something that cost them time, effort, and money.

Paper Culture Modern Eco Friendly Cards

I still believe in the power of pen and paper. While I’m so grateful that I live in this amazing digital age there is something about receiving a hand written note that really lets me know that someone cares. (I mean goodness-they actually had to put a stamp on it and walk it out to that thing called a mailbox!)

Paper Culture Modern Eco Friendly Cards

Paper Culture agrees with me that sharing and writing can still be modern. To take it a step further they make sure that all of their products are 100% post consumer recycled paper for card and envelope. Now there’s really not a reason not to use them! Another great thing about this company is that all their products are personalized. I chose these gorgeous cards and added one of my favorite quotes. In additon to regular card and stationary the companies carries everything from save the date cards to baby announcements.

Take some time today and drop a note to someone special in your life, even better have your child write one with you, just to say or to say thank you for something. It will put a smile on both of your faces!