Back To School & Box Tops for Education

Amber at Wal*Mart

Can you believe that it’s time for back to school already??!! I mean seriously-where on earth did this summer go?! Several of my friends were posting on Facebook today about their children’s first days of school being today and my brother just wrapped up his summer hire position back west to start up college again in a few weeks.

When I think of back to school in addition to new clothes and school supplies I think of Box Tops for Education. I’m sure you’ve seen, heard, and even clipped a few (or a hundred…..) in your day-they’ve been around since 1996!

Cinnamon Burst Cheerios

I remember cutting them out to bring to my school back when I was in elementary (isn’t great when you look back at the date of something and it actually makes you feel *young* rather than old? Maybe I’m not as old as I’ve felt lately….. 😀 )

Walmart has a great program right now where you can earn additional boxtops by liking Walmart on Facebook!

Fiber One Oats and Peanut Butter

I love that you can earn box tops through buying all the “good stuff”. As you might remember we’re huge Cinnamon Burst Cheerios fans! Even if you don’t have a school to earn for you can still clip box tops and donate them towards a good cause-I was very happy to see a few collection spots at local grocery stores that you can drop your clipped boxtops off into–that’s what I plan on doing with ours! You can follow along with Box Tops for Education on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop and find out about the best ways to earn!

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